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No company goes from a conceptual document replete with specifications, expectations, legal requirements, costing estimates and deadlines, to production, without the help of a team of professional product designers. This disciplined group is essential if the industrial design product is to be successful, emerging from an initial rough sketch to a final complex creation. At MDI, we rely on our industrial designers to work closely with our skilled engineers to create the innovative results our customers have come to expect from us.

The Industrial Design Process

Industrial designers start with the basic documentation the customer supplies. They then begin to create the initial product design. This is the ideation process. The industrial designer takes the expression of requirements and produces an initial design. He or she can do so using:

  • Hand sketches
  • Rough scribbles
  • Complete drawings
  • Turnarounds
  • Detail views

This is how a team of designers begins to produce often several hundred possibilities for a viable industrial product design. However, they also combine these methods with the latest technology. By employing tablet PCs together with Alias Sketchbook Pro software, they can translate their concepts directly onto the computer screen for more intense study. This method also allows them to easily change and manipulate components of the design in conjunction with feedback from our engineers.

Industrial Product Design

After more study, the next step will involve the creation of an on-screen 3-D rendering of the product. At MDI, we rely on SolidWorks, ProENGINEER, and Creo software packages to help our designers and engineers model and render a realistic copy. This step can identify any potential problems.

Once assuring functionality of the industrial product design, designers and engineering team move to the next step. This is a prototype. At this point, we start moving away from industrial designers into manufacturing and the professional MDI production floor.

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