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Headquarters in Tempe, AZ

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MDI is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona where our executive team is tasked with the following:

*Execute MDI’s Growth Strategy – Our Board of Directors has put in place a robust plan for both organic growth and growth through acquisitions. MDI will grow organically through our direct sales force as well as adding value to our existing clients along the entire value continuum, from initial product design all the way through assembly and packaging. Our acquisition strategy focuses on buying smaller molders and niche rubber and plastics processors serving OEM markets.

*Spread MDI’s Vision and Culture through each of our divisions and new acquisitions across North America – MDI’s Vision is to grow to a $250MM contract manufacturer to the global OEM marketplace, offering both proprietary products and custom molding & assembly services, with an unwavering focus on continual improvement to our processes, products, and people.  MDI’s culture is based on balance;

Speed of Deliberation balanced with Accuracy of Action;
Respect of Individuals balanced with Group Performance;
Organizational Structure balanced with Freedom to be Creative & Initiate Change.

MDI is commited to servicing our customers with continually better, faster and more cost effective processes, products and services.