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UV and Solvent Bonding

Set up in conjunction with our clean room assembly services, Molded Devices Inc. offers UV and solvent bonding services for use in a variety of medical devices. Medical device adhesives generally use a light cure or solvent method, to provide the strength and reliability demanded by medical device manufacturers.

Formulated to meet the most stringent USP Class VI standards and biocompatibility, both our UV and solvent bonding adhesives can be compatible with gamma, ETO, peroxide plasma, and E-Beam sterilization processes. This level of added protection and durability for medical and other sterile equipment means they can be sterilized and reused for many uses, without compromising the structural integrity.

At Molded Devices Inc., our trusted team of experts can take on all of your critical bonding needs, with the precision, quality and efficiency your business needs. We pride ourselves in the quality and functionality of all our medical devices, helping aid practitioners in providing care through our manufacturing and packaging of sterilized medical devices. Medical device manufacturers looking to step up their efficiency and lower their costs of production can trust Molded Devices Inc. Eager to learn more? Give us a call at 1-800-211-9897 , or visit our contact page to reach out with a written message. We get back to every inquiry within one business day, helping customers get their projects running as soon as possible. .