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Formco began in 1976 in the basement of the Bourne family home in Alliance, OH. There, urethane foam rollers (shell liners) were made for the tire industry. Shortly thereafter, the company moved into a 700 square foot room of a building. At this location, bath tubs were used for dip tanks and a boat winch was used to withdraw molds from these tubs. This is how more than 40 million ink bladders were made for Parker and Shaeffer Pen Companies. Later, the company moved to two other locations in the Alliance area, purchased additional equipment, and produced approximately 600,000 ball bat grips in addition to the ink bladders. As the company continued to grow, it moved into its present location in North Canton. There, other products were manufactured for general and health care industries. With the growth of these products and government contracts in place, Formco started to build a fully automated dip line in 1999. With the original dip cranes in place and the automatic line in full operation, Formco’s capacity drastically increased. Formco was acquired and brought under the MDI umbrella in 2018.

MDI Formco has a proprietary line of neck, wrist, arm, ankle and glove interface seals that we market to manufacturers of dry suits and dry tops. These manufacturers supply the diving industry and surface water users in addition to government sales. Customers include companies in United States, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand.

Use the contact page or call us at 330-966-2111 and we can begin helping you with your application.

Facility Highlights

  • ISO 13485 : 2016
  • Over 15,000 Square Foot Facility

  • Chlorinator

  • 2 Large Spray Booths

  • Semi-Automated Dip Line

  • Custom Trim Machine

Processes Performed

  • Latex Dip Molding

  • Manufacture Latex Isostatic Press Bags

  • Create New Molds Per Customers Needs

  • Inhouse Chlorination

  • Inhouse Latex Compounding