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Flaring and Tipping

MDI’s custom tip forming equipment can quickly and repetitively provide smooth, accurate transitioning for all your invasive devices. Industries like medical and dental rely on these unique tips to operate their medical equipment effectively and sterilely, with many of these devices intended for disposal after a single use. We offer precision tipping of Polyurethanes, Nylons and other Thermoplastic Materials that you require in the fabrication of your Catheters and other medical devices. Here are some key differences and applications for each:


Often used in the aid of insertion devices like catheters, tipping processes can custom fit specific tip geometries, tapered inner or outer diameters, wall thicknesses, hole forming, rounded ends and low-profile ends.

Our machine shop can provide the tooling necessary for any specialty tip shape you may need. Superior flares and flanges can be customized to your stand alone application or for insert molding.

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Flaring is used to expand the outer diameter of the tube up to 1.4 times the beginning diameter. Through doing this, companies can improve the accessibility to the interior of the tubing, helping facilitate in the insertion of tools, stents, wire, fluids and more. Both flaring and tipping have great uses in medical-based applications and more.

Backed by a team of professionals with over 50 years in the business, our machine shop can provide the tooling necessary for any specialty tip shape you may need. Our superior flares and flanges can also be customized to fit your stand alone application, or for insert molding applications. Every project we take on meets strict standards for quality and precision design, helping ensure your product will be produced on schedule, according to your specific design and material specifications.
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