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Customized Plastic Injection Molding

Make MDI your strategic partner for all of your injection molding needs. We have in-house molding capabilities and work with both domestic and foreign partners in order to offer a broad range of services—such as our plastic injection molding service.


The Plastic Injection Molding Process

We use scientific principles to develop our molding process parameters. This process allows for a more robust process window, improved product quality, reduced scrap rates, and ultimately, lowers manufacturing costs.

MDI is also committed to world-class quality. Real-time, automated statistical process control (SPC), is the foundation of our continuous improvement program.

We aim to provide each of our customers with a one-stop source to satisfy your molding needs. Our goal is to be the first and only plastic injection molding company that you think of when it comes to your specific molding needs.

Our Plastic Molding Services

At MDI, we provide quality molding services that include plastic molding, plastic injection molding, and medical injection molding services.

In order to receive the best service experience possible, we highly recommend you involve us at the earliest possible stage of your next project. We take an engineering-based approach in our quoting process to ensure that a detailed ‘Design for Manufacturability’ study is done before the quote is submitted. This procedure guarantees that your project is done right the first time, every time.

In addition, our dedicated program managers will ensure that all customer requirements are reviewed and incorporated into our process flow.

Custom Molding Available

There are many plastic injection molding companies. However, few can comfortably handle the breadth and depth of customized molding projects like MDI can—and none can do it at a better value.

Whether it’s a pre-existing mold or a brand new project, MDI has the expertise to ensure top-notch quality, while also minimizing the cost of your molding project.

To learn more about the MDI team and how we can make your injection molding project more successful, call us at today 1-800-852-1472 or use our contact page and we will respond within one business day to begin helping you with your molding needs.