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Micro Drilling

Small medical devices and components that require intricate machining to meet strict design specifications benefit greatly from micro drilling. Molded Devices Inc. offers micro drilling services with unsurpassed capabilities. We can handle one or multiple holes, capable of working with various diameters and thicknesses. Micro drilling services are often used for medical devices like catheters and dental picks, but are also commonly used for industrial equipment, aerospace equipment and mold and die making.

Our capabilities are unsurpassed when your device requires one hole, or multiple holes. Molded Devices Inc.’s custom-built on-site drilling equipment provides customers with clean holes in any configuration. Our experts can handle straight line hole drilling, spiral pattern hole drilling or punching methods. Years of experience in the industry have given us extended capabilities and great background knowledge, allowing us to offer holes as small as .004”, with surface coverage up to 2500 holes per square inch. Maintaining precision and quality throughout the entire micro drilling process, no competitor can beat our services.

True to our craft for over 50 years, Molded Devices Inc. is comprised of a team of engineers, designers and manufacturing professionals that are eager to get projects done. Multiple examples of our exceptional services over the years reiterate our efficiency, quality and upfront communication with every client we take on. Got a large project for us? Just a few finishing touches? Our responsive staff is ready to help you wherever you are at. Feel free to give us a call today at 1-800-211-9897 or visit our website and fill out our contact page with a brief message on what you are looking for. All inquiries will be responded to within one business day.