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Sterile Barrier Packaging

Sterilized medical devices are an essential part of our healthcare system. Doctors, nurses, assistants and more all rely on these devices routinely, and sometimes in a moment’s notice to perform life-saving procedures on patients. Achieving and maintaining the sterility of medical devices is one of the main challenges facing the industry, given the device must make its way from the manufacturing plant to the practitioner’s hands without any cross contamination. This is where packaging systems play a crucial role.

A sterile barrier system refers to the minimum amount of medical packaging necessary to prevent contamination and help to sterilize the finished product. This sterile barrier system must guarantee sterility throughout the whole supply chain, from production to the operating rooms of various hospitals, clinics and nursing homes around the country. At Molded Devices, Inc., we specialize in the production of single sterile barrier and double sterile barrier packaging for a variety of medical devices.

The chosen delivery method will dictate whether the medical device in question will require a single or double barrier to maintain sterility when being shipped. Beyond just single and double barriers, there are many aspects of packaging that require detailed design, testing knowledge, and background expertise to execute effectively. Boasting over 50 years performing clean room injection molding services, we have the expertise in both the fabrication and packaging of sterile medical devices to meet your production requirements. Call us today at 1-800-211-9897 or use our contact page, and we will respond within one business day to help get you started.