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Ultrasonic Welding Services For Durable, Reliable Joints

One of the many secondary services offered at Molded Device Inc. is ultrasonic welding. This is a very fast, efficient and reliable method of joining plastic parts and components with a durable, lasting bond.

Unlike other methods of joining plastic, our ultrasonic welding services will create a bond or joint area which is extremely precise. The method and our state-of-the-art equipment ensure every joint will be exact, which is essential for many industries and applications.

The Process

Fully automated, our ultrasonic welding services take just fractions of a second per joint to complete. Through the use of ultrasonic waves, a precise location on both pieces of plastic can be bonded to the exact specifications required by our customers.

The ultrasonic waves, which are calculated to the required frequency, excite the molecules within the targeted area. As these molecules vibrate, they create heat, which melts the precise location on both pieces at the same time. Pressure, applied to both sides equally, forces the areas to be joined to fuse and create new molecular bonds between the two. The pressure holds the bonds together in the short time it takes to cool and solidify.

The Benefits

Without the need for an external heat source, ultrasonic welding services do not impact or change the structure or the strength of the plastic surrounding the joint. There is also no need to finish the joint area as the pressure is applied to allow for a smooth, flawless surface to the joint.

The process can be used for similar plastics or different types of plastics. It has no consumables, so it is an environmentally-friendly option. The speed and precision of the process also benefit in reducing the cost of production and virtually eliminating waste.

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