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About Us

Our Story

We’ve been an industry leader in plastics processing Since 1963


MDI – Molded Devices Inc. has developed an excellent reputation as an industry leader in plastics processing with process offerings including plastic dip molding, dip coating, rubber dip molding, custom plastic injection molding, thin-wall blow molding, extrusion, rapid prototyping and numerous value added services including decorating and assembly.

MDI is one of only a few plastics companies in the industry that has a dedicated facility for engineering and design, and can thereby offer such a wide range of plastic and rubber processing solutions. The integration of custom plastic injection molding and other customized services address our clients’ individual needs, while the economy of scale provided by our large production capability can create exceptional value on larger orders. A growing segment is our assembly capabilities, as many customers prefer an integrated assembly solution rather than assembling multiple parts at their operation.

Our Mission

Foremost, to provide our customers with continually better, faster and more cost effective processes, products and services. MDI delivers highly engineered rubber and plastic solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers in industries associated with high switching costs.

Our Vision

MDI will continue to grow both organically and through key acquisitions to become the premier, world class rubber and plastic contract manufacturer to the global OEM marketplace; offering both proprietary products, custom molding services, and new product development & engineering, with an unwavering focus on continual improvement to our processes, products, and people.

  1. 2021Seitz, founded in 1949, was acquired by MDI 2021. MDI Torrington, CT turns product concepts into exceptionally well-engineered and well-made realities using plastic injection molding and complete custom design and assembly solutions.
  2. 2021MDI Acquired Phoenix Manufacturing in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Phoenix specializes in the fluidized bed application of epoxy insulation of electrical busbars and connectors and the design and manufacturing of reusable electrical insulating boots for both indoor and outdoor applications to 38Kv.
  3. 2020MDI Acquired Medefab Located in Jaffrey, NH. Medfab manufacture Medical Tubing, Catheters, and various Medical Device Components,
  4. 2018MDI Acquired Formco located in North Canton, OH. A premier latex dip and spray molder.
  5. 2018MDI Acquired Diptech located in Kent, OH. A world leader in dip, spray, and coating equipment.
  6. 2017MDI Acquired Hamar/GIC, a value-added assembler located in Piedras Negras, Mexico, services four divisions of one of the world's largest OEMs.
  7. 2015MDI Acquired Compass Products, a design and engineering company located in Northern California.
  8. 2015MDI Acquired Bates Industries in New York. Bates has a long history of producing disposable medical devices for OEMs.
  9. 2014MDI Acquired Galow Plastics, a custom dip molding, coating & metal fabrication operation in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
  10. 2013MDI Acquired Dempsey Industries, a custom dip molding and coating operation in Miamisburg, Ohio.
  11. 2012MDI Acquired US Plastic Coatings Corp, a custom dip molding and coating operation in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.
  12. 2012MDI Acquired the rubber dip molding business unit of California Medical Innovations Corporation in Pomona, California.
  13. 2008MDI Acquired Plasti-Coat Corporation, a custom dip molding and coating operation in Waterbury, Connecticut.
  14. 2006MDI Acquired Southwest Mold, a custom injection molding operation in Tempe, Arizona.
  15. 1999MDI Acquired Alta Products Company, Inc., custom dip molding and coating operations in Newbury Park, California.
  16. 1998MDI was formed to purchase Molded Devices, the dip molding/dip coating division of Aydin Corporation.
  17. 1963Molded Devices began operations in California.