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Cable Harness Assembly Manufacturing

Help organize your cables and wires into a singular unit through our cable harness assembly services. These services help keep large electronics systems organized and safe. In addition, these wire assemblies can help aid in enhancing the performance of the equipment, by concentrating the power delivery and eliminating any aging or frayed wires and cables.

All of our cable harness assembly services are performed in Mexico, helping us lower upfront costs, open up trade agreements and access a skilled labor force. Mexico’s manufacturing industries, especially in aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical devices, are known for their high levels of quality and lower cost when compared to similar operations in the United States.

Operating as a Maquiladora, MDI-Mexico is just miles apart from our Eagle Pass Texas plant, allowing us to quickly import your materials for U.S. distribution. Our great proximity has afforded us the opportunity to bring affordable products and services to our customers, without stretching our margins thin or compromising on quality. We can drive and fly to our facilities with ease, allowing us to perform quality assurance and check up on our manufacturing processes just as well as we could at a United States facility.

Dedicated to providing injection molding, cleanroom manufacturing, medical device assembly, dip molding, dip coating extrusion, and blow molding services for over 50 years, Molded Devices Inc. provides the manufacturing and assembly needed by businesses across many industries. Equipped with years of experience in manufacturing and value added assembly, we are confident we can handle your cable harness assembly project with ease. Give us a call today at 1-800-211-9897 or feel free to reach out on our contact page. We make sure to respond to all inquires within one business day to help get your project started quickly.