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Meeting the Demands of Modern Dip Coating and Dip Molding

MDI has acquired Dip Tech Systems in Kent, Ohio, to offer solutions to many of your dip coating and molding needs. Dip molding and coating has many advantages over other techniques, including quick prototype development, lower tooling costs, and thin elastic wall features. The dip molding process is compatible with a wide variety of polymers, each offering varying characteristics. 

Equipment Design and Building

DipTech Systems® is the leader in providing a wide range of highly reliable and innovative dip molding and dip coating equipment for the most demanding of applications. One of the most challenging aspects of dip molding and dip coating is selecting the appropriate equipment. DipTech Systems® offers advanced technology that has revolutionized the industry and includes high volume, fully automated, continuous-motion chain line equipment and robotic batch systems which are custom designed for your product, process and volume requirements. 

Research & Development Lab

DipTech Systems®’ experienced technical staff can assist your company in the advancement of your dip molding or dip coating project by reviewing polymer options, tooling design, equipment requirements and long term production support needs. Our in-house laboratory service offers product and process development, as well as small scale production for testing and marketing use. Our recently expanded in-house laboratory offers a temperature and humidity controlled environment with over five computer controlled batch style systems designed for both solvent and aqueous solutions.

With over 80 years of unmatched experience in the industry, DipTech Systems® is able to support a variety of industries including medical, electronics, industrial, automotive, energy, agriculture and more. 

To see what we can do for you, call Dip Tech Systems today at 330-673-4400, or visit their website.


• Gloves
• Fuel Cells
• Guide Wires
• Condoms
• Implants
• Tubing
• Catheters
• Boots
• Stents
• Cannula
• Balloons
• Probe Covers
• Caps
• Grips
• Breather Bags
• Barrier Sleeves
• Coated Glass
• Endoscopes


• NR Latex
• Kraton®
• Lubricious
• Nitrile
• Silicone
• Antimicrobial
• Neoprene
• Antibacterial
• Silicone
• Polyisoprene
• Epoxy 
• Polyurethane
• TPE’s
• Cellulose
• Hydrophilic
• Drug Elution
• Barrier