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Medical Balloons

Experience and Capabilities 

 Proud to serve the medical device industry for over 50 years, MDI has extensive blow molding, dip molding, dip coating, and spray coating capabilities for producing advanced medical balloons. Used in anything from a stent, to an endoscope – the main purpose of medical balloons is to dilate restrictions and blockages in places like the arteries, esophagus, and urinary tract. They are also highly utilized for positioning medical devices and endovascular graft delivery. Since these products are intended to be used in the human body for medical treatment, every medical balloon we design is produced according to strict cleanroom manufacturing standards.  

Design, Materials, and Assembly Services Tailored to You

Depending on the unique design of your medical product, our team of engineers will help determine the perfect process for your project needs. We can support standalone medical balloons or put them into a complete assembly. Having great custom capabilities, material choices, and advanced molding processes allows our team to produce products with exceptionally complex characteristics and geometry. We are proud of our ability to produce a variety of quality medical devices according to strict standards for cleanroom molding.

Whether you are looking for a one-off prototype run to test a new device in development, or are looking for thousands of medical balloons to be produced at great efficiency – we have the skilled team, equipment, and production capacity to make it happen. 

Call us today at 1-800-852-1472 or use our contact page, and we will respond within one business day to begin helping you with your project needs.