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Injection Molding

Cleanroom Manufacturing and Medical Device Assembly

Dip Molding and Dip Coating

Blow Molding

Tube Extrusion


Medical / Healthcare

Industrial & Energy

Aerospace and Defense

How Can MDI Meet Your Challenge?

MDI has been providing excellence in molding and engineering for over 50 years. We have been integral in solving supply chain and contract manufacturing challenges for OEMs in every industry.

Expert Provider of Customized Plastic Injection Molding

With more than fifty years of serving a wide range of global markets, you can depend on us to provide the solutions you need for your plastic molding projects, on time and within the agreed budget.

Innovative Design in Our Custom Plastic Parts

No matter how demanding your specifications might be, we have the advanced machinery and skilled workforce to deliver. From the initial design and development phases, through production, assembly – we apply innovative engineering techniques to ensure your custom parts consistently meet a rigorous quality standard

Wide Range of Innovative Techniques

The techniques we offer include custom blow molding, dip molding & coating Services, injection molding services, as well as specialist solutions for medical injection molding applications.

Helping With Your Medical Product Design Needs

Do you have a great idea for a medical device? Medical device product development can be a difficult process without some professional guidance. We offer custom medical device contract manufacturing at various scales of production.

Plastic Injection Molding for the 21st Century

Our goal is to provide you with the exact parts you need, while also meeting your production and timeline requirements. Meticulous planning and attention to detail helps us move seamlessly from design to prototype to full-scale production, and provide quality injection molding services for a wide array of industries.

Engineering & Design

From the initial research and concept stages, to prototyping, mold design, and in-depth process & manufacturability analysis, you can count on our world-class engineering talent for a comprehensive product development solution.

High Volume | High Quality

With our advanced equipment, automation, expert operators, and state-of-the-art, real-time statistical process control, we pride ourselves in a commitment to quality that provides exactly what our customers want, when they need it.

Secondary Operations & Assembly

Our secondary operations include sonic welding, heat staking, pad printing, laser engraving, and more. Looking for assembly services? We can take that on as well! MDI can even serve as your warehousing and drop shipping solution.

Ultrasonic Welding

One of the most advanced secondary services offered at Molded Device Inc. is ultrasonic welding. Exceptionally fast, efficient and reliable – ultrasonic welding is one of the best methods for joining plastic parts and components, creating a durable and lasting bond

Molded Devices, Inc. offers world class plastic and rubber contract manufacturing services. We are one of only a handful of contract manufacturing companies that offers in-house design and engineering capabilities for a variety of product categories. Our advanced capabilities allow us to produce a wide array of custom molded products for companies in industries like medical device production, energy production, and aerospace and defense.
Beyond just our design and engineering capabilities, MDI has a nation-wide network of production facilities that can produce these advanced parts to almost any scale. We currently operate 12 dedicated manufacturing facilities in the United States, with 3 additional facilities in China, Canada, and Mexico. Every facility meets strict manufacturing standards specific to their industry, with 5 facilities meeting the FDA ISO 13485 standard, 3 facilities meeting the ISO 13485 standard, 5 facilities meeting the ISO 9001 standard, and 2 facilities meeting the TS 16949 standard. A combination of cutting-edge equipment, experienced staff, and a robust network of production facilities has helped solidify MDI as one of the top-names in molded device manufacturing.
Since our network of manufacturing facilities all concentrate on different industries, MDI is able to serve the needs of a wide-array of customers. We can handle almost any project – from custom plastic injection molding and plastisol dip coating, to medical device contract manufacturing services for products like catheters and airway management devices. We pride ourselves in our extensive custom capabilities and production capacity. Trust MDI to consistently produce high-quality plastic and rubber molded devices for your business needs. Ready to get started? Call us today at (920) 236-1280, or request a free quote.