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Whether you are looking to purchase parts from our vast inventory of proprietary products or develop and launch a brand new product of your own, Molded Devices will be there with skills and support every step of the way.

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Dip Molding

The MDI family of companies is the largest custom dip molder in North America. With some of our companies founded more than forty years ago, we are the authority in custom plastic dip molding. Our production staff uses automatic and manual systems to provide quality moldings of vinyl, plastisol or PVC, with fast turn-around times guaranteed. Our plastisol and vinyl meet MIL specifications and have FDA approval. A wide range of colors are available, in finishes from high gloss to dull matte.

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Dip Coating

MDI has over thirty years' experience in custom vinyl Plastisol coating services. Dip coating directly onto the parts eliminates unnecessary handling and provides a very attractive finish that is both durable and comfortable to the touch. Plasti-Coat's skilled production staff uses both automatic and manual systems to apply the coating to exacting specifications, in your choice of color and texture. Our vinyl and Plastisol coating materials are of the highest quality, meeting MIL specifications and FDA requirements.

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Injection Molding

MDI is a leader in the field of high volume, close tolerance, precision injection molding as well as a manufacturer of precision injection molds. We are experts in the advanced engineering skills necessary to ensure your project is done on-time and is right the first time, every time.

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“I vehemently believe that companies that define themselves by their customers’ requirements, and service them by meeting those requirements, will be successful,”

Brian Anderson, CEO Molded Devices Inc.

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