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Dip molding is one of the most commonly applied plastic molding techniques for a wide-array of product types. This process is carried out through dipping a design mold into a liquified polymer, such as plastisol, neoprene, latex, and urethane, to create a unique and custom design. MDI is a Global leader in dip molding and coating, offering plastisol and neoprene dip molding services. We operate 8 facilities in the United States, Canada, China, and Mexico – all dedicated to advanced dip molding services. Our capabilities allow us to produce a great variety of products for a great variety of industries – with both large-scale and small-scale production needs.
The dip molding process can be used for countless product types, ranging from simple to complex. Examples include latex gloves, medical balloons, medical tubing, spring-reinforced cannulas, handles and grips, cap covers, connectors, and much more. With impressively low tooling costs, short lead times, and precision geometry capabilities for tight dimensional tolerances, it’s easy to see why this is a highly effective plastic molding technique for many product types.
Our robust production facilities are equipped for taking on projects both large and small – offering both manual dip molding cells for small prototype runs, and automated production lines that can support high volume requirements at a low cost. This is largely due to plastisol being exceptionally easy to process and affordable when compared to some other plastic materials. Additionally, by compounding plastisol, we can meet a variety of production standards, including FDA food contact, non-toxic, USP Class VI, UL, & MIL-P-20689.
Molded Devices, Inc. is committed to delivering the very best in plastisol and neoprene dip molding services, serving companies in healthcare, industrial processing and manufacturing, aerospace, energy production, and defense. We are excited to take on all projects – both big and small – and deliver unmatched results for our customers. Call us today at 1-800-211-9897, or use our contact page to get a quick response within one business day!