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Custom Plastic Tube Extrusion

Custom Plastic Tube Extrusion

As a leading provider of contract manufacturing services for medical devices, MDI’s dedicated team takes pride in delivering quality custom extrusion services for devices like catheters and medical tubing. Precision design, quality materials, and impressive production efficiency allow us to produce a number of medical devices for companies around the United States and world.

MDI’s experienced extrusion department controls the quality of your custom catheters and medical tubes from beginning to end. Specializing in flexible to semi-rigid PVC, we can provide a broad spectrum of tube profiles to meet your specific needs. We can produce tubing with a co-extruded orientation or radiopaque line. Whether your design requires continuous or cut-to-length, glossy or satin finish, MDI can meet the need. We utilize most Thermoplastics, including polyurethanes, nylons, polycarbonates, polypropylene’s, polyethylene’s, acetal, and custom blended material. Services like clean room assembly for catheters and medical devices ensure you have a complete product once it leaves our facility. Every stage of producing custom plastic tube extrusion is executed according to strict clean room standards for medical device production.

Committed to the needs of our customers, MDI has the capabilities to handle both small lot sizes and large production runs. Customers know to come to us for both single lumen and multi-lumen tubes. No matter the size of your project, our team is dedicated to exceeding expectations. We also utilize SPC and Laser Micrometer technology for continuous process management. Beyond just multi-lumen tubing, MDI can also provide core rod material, stripe, jacketed, and co-extruded products.

Over 50 years in the industry have gained us great expertise in the molding and engineering of medical devices. Call us today at 1-800-211-9897 or use our contact page, and we will respond within one business day to help you get your extrusion project started.