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Nasal Cannulas

MDI can help with adult and neonatal cannulas and assemblies. We use a dip molding process that allows for complex geometry. We use FDA non-DEHP Phthalate-free material that can be molded in many colors or clear.


Arterial/Venous Cannulae

MDI can help with your complex arterial / Venous Cannulae needs. We offer many material options and can mold reinforced and non-reinforced cannulae. MDI is ready to provide a completed assembly that is punched, trimmed, printed, assembled and packaged.


Venous ECMO Cannulae

V-V or veno-venous ECMO, supports lung function primarily. The surgeon will place the cannulae in a large vein only, usually in the neck. Based on the patient’s age and condition, the surgeon may choose to place one special cannula in a single vein or place two cannulae in two different veins. MDI is ready to support your cannulae project from conception to commercialization!


Dual-Lumen Cannula

Dual lumen cannulas can deliver oxygen in both nostrils minimizing risks associated with deviated septa by providing oxygen to both nares. MDI has the materials, equipment, and know-how to support your Dual-Luman Cannula project.

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