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Numerous companies around North America and beyond can benefit from outsourcing their contract manufacturing services to Mexico. A large labor pool of highly-skilled employees makes it possible for companies to produce injection molded products like medical devices to the same degrees of quality as products made in the United States and other similar markets. Established in 1993 as ‘Group Innovative Coahuila’ or GIC, our robust 100,000 square foot Mexican facility has comprehensive blow molding and injection molding capabilities, as well as assembly services ranging from “fully manual” to “fully automated” implemented by state-of-the-art robotic technology.

Production capabilities at our Mexico facilities include telephone connection blocks, telecommunication terminals, cable harnesses, telecommunication testing tools, telephone lines aerial closures and terminals, mounting hardware, and much more. In collaboration with our distribution and inventory management hub in Eagle Pass, TX, MDI Mexico can serve as a central hub for the production, assembly, and distribution of your products – offering low-cost labor as well as the ability to ground ship anywhere in North America.

A key advantage to partnering with MDI is our status as a maquiladora business. This means that while these products are fabricated in Mexico, there are no associated tariffs or duty costs when importing them to your country. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows companies operating within the United States and Canada to freely trade with Mexico, without any of the associated tariffs and trade barriers. Additionally, having the ability to ship bulk products via ground transportation can help lower overall costs, and offer a reliable supply chain solution when compared to some overseas manufacturers.



Our facility is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, meeting the strict requirements for a quality management system. Consistently meeting this standard helps us maintain efficiency and high levels of customer satisfaction.