Custom Medical Plastic Injection Molding Services

Medical device component manufacturing is different in many ways from other types of manufacturing. At Molded Devices, Inc., we have the know-how and experience to work alongside your medical device company to facilitate high quality medical injection molding processes on your behalf.

Medical Injection Molding Quality Control

At MDI, we provide services for both small and large medical injection molding companies. As a premier provider among medical plastic injection molding companies, we operate within all FDA requirements and standards to ensure full quality control processes in accordance with ISO 13485 standards, in addition to the strict quality control standards we uphold in our processes independently. Our processes ensure the final product meets the high standards and clear validation procedures before during and subsequent to approval for marketing.

Material Suggestions

With a keen understanding of medical injection molding requirements, our engineers are able to minimize the cost of production. This is sometimes done through offering a different polymer option, for instance an optional thermoplastic that may meet elevated standards without increasing the cost.

Design Expertise

We understand how a simple change to the design of a single component can reduce the cost of production, while the same time improving the overall design. Our team has skill and experience to suggest and implement these changes when necessary for optimum and cost-efficient results.

Complex Part Manufacturing Capabilities

Medical injection molding can introduce considerable complexities compared to other types of injection molding processes. A company with limited experience may not be able to handle these complexities sufficiently.

We understand what it takes to meet expected and required tolerances and precision standards. At MDI, we have production capabilities that can meet your deadlines, ensuring cost-efficiency in your production process.

We are also able to provide full traceability and an option for our clean room assembly that enables us to provide comprehensive services to our medical device manufacturing companies

For more information about how we can handle your medical injection molding requirements, give us a call today at 800.658.9188 or send us a message through our contact form.