Design: The Road to Production Starts Here

Product DesignAt MDI, we employ some of the world’s top designers and engineers to develop the some of the most complex plastic molds on the market for our customers. Our operators and craftsmen make it possible for our company to continue to provide state-of-the-art products. Our services include a variety of key stepping stones in the production process, and thanks to our engineers and designers, the road to production runs smoothly.


Most of our designers grew up sketching with a pencil and paper and in our opinion, it’s still the best way to quickly capture product concept ideas. No other medium gives the designer the speed and freedom to explore ideas better than a simple sketch. For some projects, our MDI operators and craftsmen will create hundreds of sketches in order to visualize the form, colors, construction techniques, and style before completing the final design.

Although we sketch with a pencil and paper, we still keep up with the latest technology and now also use tablet PCs with Alias Sketchbook Pro software. This program allows the designer to draw directly on the computer screen, and is considered "new school" approach to a traditional skill.

3D CAD Modeling & Renderings

After coming up with an initial concept drawing, we advance into the modeling and rendering stage. Not only does the product image convey realistic textures and colors, but it can be placed into real life photo environments to provide to focus groups, in order to receive marketing feedback. We work in SolidWorks, ProENGINEER, and Creo software packages.


At MDI, we utilize a variety of prototyping methods including CNC and hand machining, rapid 3D printing, metal forming and welding, castings, and various other finishing techniques. Wherever possible, we will use the same material as the production unit in order to provide you with more realistic and repeatable test results.

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