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In general, clean rooms are used in any type of production where airborne or environmental contaminants are a factor. When it comes to injection plastic molding, clean room technology is typically required for medical devices, and sometimes for devices used in the electronics or telecommunications industries.

Clean room molding is no different than other types of molding, but it is done in a specifically controlled environment. This area, known as a clean room, will have specialized air filtration and control systems that eliminate possible contaminants from the surrounding environment.

There are different types of clean rooms, each designed to meet specific standards. For medical devices, it is important to know the class of device to determine if the clean room meets the required standards.

Why A Clean Room is Required

With clean room molding, the exclusive and protected environment allows for the removal of dust, various chemicals vapors, microbes, and organic materials. To avoid these issues, all clean room molding environments vent equipment to the outside or use oil-free systems that do not produce any types of exhaust contaminants.

Our Services

All of our clean room molding at MDI is done to the specifications required for all Class 7 clean rooms. We are fully ISO compliant, and we take great care to follow all standards and requirements for the manufacturing of medical devices within our clean room facilities.

To learn more about the procedures and practices we use in our clean room assembly and molding, talk to our team or read more about us online.