Clean Room Molding and Assembly

Clean Room Molding & Medical AssemblyOur team at MDI is ready to help you process and assemble any of your medical devices, no matter how simple or complex. With our automation capabilities and a class 7 clean room environment, we offer: tip forming, mechanical and chemical bonding, cutting, precision assembly, printing, bending, and machining in order to meet all of your post production needs. Our highly-trained operators are ready to take your design from a simple blueprint all the way to a validated, finished product.

What is Clean Room Molding?

Clean room molding is a required practice during the manufacturing of medical plastic injection moldings. In order to manufacture items such as stents, implants, medical structures, and other complex medical devices, an ISO compliant clean room must be used.

Safety is of the utmost importance at MDI, including the safety of those on the receiving end of the products we manufacture. Through our clean room molding process, we handle all of our medical plastic injection molding orders. Our class 7, ISO compliant clean room is routinely maintained and inspected to ensure that our medical products are manufactured in a sterile and safe environment.

How Clean Room Molding and Clean Room Assembly Work

Within our class 7, ISO compliant clean room, our operators conduct a clean room molding process when manufacturing medical products, such as cardiovascular surgical devices. In addition, our clean room is also assembly-approved. Clean room assembly enables the manufactured medical devices and complex medical parts to be assembled on-site.

MDI partners with several trusted outside vendors who provide us with state-of-the-art metal components as well as other materials needed for the production of medical devices and their respective parts. Our teams always aim to go above and beyond the bare minimum to ensure the utmost care is provided—especially when dealing with your delicate and complex manufacturing needs.

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