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Molded Devices Inc Acquires US Plastic Coatings and Dempsey Industries

MDI Plastic Injection Molding Facility

Molded Devices Inc (MDI) has developed an excellent reputation as an industry leader in plastic dip molding, dip coating and custom plastic injection molding. As of mid 2012, through a key rubber molding facility acquisition, we now offer both plastic and rubber dip molding from our Riverside, CA location.

Early in 2013, US Plastic Coatings in Sellersville, PA was added to our team. USPC is an established resource for custom plastic dip molding and dip coating. This strategic acquisition greatly expands MDI's capabilities in both areas and enables us to provide greater service to customers in the eastern half of the US.

MDI is one of only a few plastics companies in the industry that can offer such a wide range of plastic and rubber processing solutions: dip molding, dip coating, injection molding, and both custom plastic and rubber assemblies. The integration of custom plastic injection molding and other customized services address our clients' individual needs, while the economy of scale provided by our large production capability can create exceptional value on larger orders. A growing segment is our assembly capabilities, as many customers prefer an integrated assembly solution rather than assembling multiple parts at their operation.

MDI also offers a full line of protective, masking, and sealing devices (caps, plugs, grips, busbar boots and covers) and we offer several dip molded medical devices such as medical balloons.

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