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If your business uses aluminum, steel, or other metal for parts, you may want to consider another material. Many people are not aware that plastic can make a good low-cost replacement for many metal componants. In fact, you may enjoy a wide-range of making the move to custom plastic parts. Here are some important reasons to turn to Molded Devices Inc. for plastic parts you can depend on.


If you need parts which are unique, or have special features, you may not find them in standard sizes or shapes. MDI can create all kind of custom plastic parts for your company. We make high-quality parts with great precision and speed. If you need new or improved parts, we can help with industrial product design services.

Why Plastic?

Metal parts are very strong and durable, however, modern-day plastics as well. Additionally, they are impervious to rust and corrosion. This is an important consideration for products or materials which are constantly exposed to the adverse conditions.


For many parts today, weight is an important consideration. Lighter products are easier to handle. If you can make a lighter product without sacrificing strength, it is usually in your best interests.


Some plastics are extremely strong and provide exceptional durability. This is possible with modern technology, special polymers, and other innovative ingredients. They can pass stress tests which would not have been possible a few years ago.


You can create some very tough and durable products, which resist corrosion when you use stainless steel. However, for many things, plastic is just as good, and it is cheaper. In fact, plastic cost less than many materials today.

Your Parts Manufactured to Your Specs

When you come to MDI, you enjoy manufacturing custom designed for your business. We offer many products and services for industry today. Compare our costs with the competition and then call us at 1-800-852-1472 today.