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In order to provide effective product design for industrial applications, you need a company that operates with excellent designers and engineers that has the capabilities to form complex plastic molds. Molded Devices is just that company. We develop state-of-the-art products on a consistent basis. The core of our production process is based on our industrial product design services to help you achieve optimum product and production process results.

Concept Development

Our design team consists of an exceptional group of innovators who have a wealth of industry experience. Our team of designers can create sketches that visualize form, colors, construction techniques and concepts, as well as styles to achieve an ultimate industrial product design.

Rendering and Modeling

Once the preliminary concept drawings are finished, the next step we deliver for our customers is rendering and modeling. The product model we produce includes a simulation of real textures and colors with the product shown in a real-life photographic setting to present before focus groups for the purpose of gathering feedback for marketing professionals. The tools we use in our industrial product designs include SolidWorks, ProENGINEER, and Creo software.

Methods of Prototyping

Beyond the design methods mentioned above, our skilled designers have the ability to produce prototypes through the use of metal forming and welding, 3-D printing, CNC and hand machining, plus other finishing methods. The purpose of producing a prototype is to provide a realistic representation of the final intended product.

Enhanced Product Performance

When developing a practical industrial product design, it is vital to not only focus on the features of the product, but also its intended function. The product will simply not function correctly if the features are pristine, but the product is of little to no use solving an actual problem. Our team of experienced designers and engineers can ensure the functionality of your product is optimized along with its appearance and features.

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