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At MDI, we strive to provide all the services our customers need to produce their molded plastic products. With the molding service we offer, it is not uncommon for a specific part or component to be formed in one step through injection or blow molding.

However, more complex parts and components may need further services. This can include machining, bending, printing and even ultrasonic welding. Our ultrasonic welding services are offered at several of our facilities, making this a cost-effective, durable and highly reliable way to join plastic parts.

Ultrasonic Welding Services Simplified

There are different ways to join plastics. The most common is the use of chemical bonding agents, but this process is not ideal for all applications and is typically used in industrial and commercial types of applications.

The use of ultrasonic welding services eliminates the need for chemical or mechanical types of bonding options. At the same time, it provides a stronger, consistent and precise join that can be used for parts and components in all industries, including in medical devices, aerospace parts, and components for computer, electronic and automotive companies.

As the name implies, ultrasonic welding uses ultrasonic vibrations applied to the area to be joined. This can be extremely precise and specific and eliminates any exposure of other areas of the plastic. The area to be welded is held between an anvil and a horn, which applies the pressure to both sides as the ultrasonic vibration is also applied.

The vibration of the molecules in the highly precise area causes this area of plastic on both parts to melt and fuse. This creates a solid weld that is as strong, or stronger than, either of the sides pieces that have been joined. In addition, without any direct heat exposure, there is no compromise of the plastic not directly involved in the weld.

To discuss ultrasonic welding for your plastic parts, talk to the experts at MDI at 1-800-852-1472.