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In addition to providing full molding services, Molded Devices Inc. is able to offer clean room assembly services to our customers in the medical device field. Our years of expertise and experience in clean room processes allow us to develop a cost-effective, quality controlled molding and assembly system that meets or exceeds all OEM and industry standards.

Our Clean Room

Our clean rooms are Class 7 fully ISO compliant facilities. This allows us to offer a range of clea-room service, including chemical and mechanical bonding, printing, bending, cutting, machining and, precision assembly services. All of our processes are continuously monitored and inspected, which ensures that our clean room meets the required standards on an ongoing basis.

Not all clean rooms are approved for clean room assembly. Our facility has been approved, which ensures the optimal environment is maintained for the parts and components we design, manufacture, process and assemble.

With everything done on-site, there is also greater quality control of the complete process. We can move your product from blueprint design through to final product that is validated and ready for market. We also understand the importance of working to schedules for delivery, and we offer a top reputation in the industry for on-time delivery of medical parts and components that are sterile and safe.

Our Network of Partners

Many of the clean room assembly projects we complete for our customers require the use of metal parts and components. MDI has a vetted and trusted network of vendors that can provide these parts and components to meet exacting quality and safety standards required for medical device manufacturing and assembly.
For any medical device manufacturer requiring clean room molding and assembly services, the MDI team can provide a quality solution. To contact us, get in touch today at 1-800-852-1472.