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Molded Devices Inc. is committed to remaining competitive in the plastic injection, blow molding, extrusion and dip molding and coating sector. We work with companies and OEMs producing parts and components for a wide range of applications, each with their own standards and specific requirements for the parts we produce.

One of the most demanding types of manufacturing processes is that of the medical device industry. Often our plastic parts are used in life-critical types of applications, and we understand the importance of quality control, working to high tolerances and staying with very specific product parameters for these types of devices.

In the past, this has meant a very high cost for medical device manufacturing. This is not just in our company, but for all medical devices manufactured within the United States. To assist our companies and to allow us to offer more competitive pricing options with the same quality control and precision production, we now offer medical device manufacturing in our facilities in Mexico.

The Advantages

With our state-of-the-art facility in Mexico, we are able to provide highly competitive pricing on all of our medical device manufacturing. The facility is ideal for this type of production and has extensive experience in catering to one of the world’s largest OEMs in four different production divisions.

Having this facility allows our entire company to be more effective and efficient. With the ability to handle large production and assembly orders, this is the ideal way to reduce the costs of medical device manufacturing, by outsourcing the work in an area where labor costs are lower, and maintenance costs of the facility are also not as high.s

To find out more about the advantages of our international locations, talk to the experts at Molded Device Inc. Get in touch with us today at 1-800-852-1472 to discuss your next order.