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Often when OEMs contact our staff at MDI, they are looking into the option of using plastic to produce their components, but they may have several questions about the process, our services, and how to choose the right materials and production options.

Our Approach to New Projects
We take the time to get to know the product and the specific applications that it will be utilized for. This is central to be able to recommend the type of plastic as well as the production method to provide customers with the lowest cost, most effective process, and materials.

Unlike other plastic injection molding companies, we see ourselves as partners in the success of your product. We want to create the safest, most durable and most practical solution for your custom injection molding requirements.

In order to choose the best plastic injection molding companies, we recommend focusing in on three important questions. The answers to these questions help you to choose the best company for the job.

Services Offered
For most OEMs, having their in-house team work with an engineering and design partner that is familiar with plastic molding is essential. This helps to streamline the design process, as well as to educate the in-house team on options that can help to reduce production costs. This is essential for moving the product from concept to production quickly.

Clean room molding, ultrasonic welding, extrusion, and dip molding/coating may also be important services to consider.

Industry Expertise
It is important that a plastic injection molding companies have experience in the industry that their client is operating within. Industry expertise is more than simply having produced parts for a particular industry. It involves a deeper knowledge of what types of production requirements will best serve that industry, and the applications that will be met. MDI’s team has a deep knowledge of subject matter across many industries, and this knowledge helps to overcome challenges, address potential issues, and to produce a superior final product.

To talk to the team at MDI about your next plastic injection molding order, give us a call today at 800-852-1472.