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If your company needs plastic parts, there are several methods that can be used to produce them, such as: dip molding, extrusion, and injection molding. If you would like to increase production or include produce all together new plastic products, MDI’s plastic molding services provide a wide-range of benefits. Here are some reasons to contact our plastic manufacturing professionals.


It does little good to expand your product selections if you cannot offer high-quality to your customers. When you do business with MDI plastic molding services, you enjoy the benefits of a company with ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications.

An ISO 90001 certified company makes a complete commitment to quality. Everyone in the business is personally responsible for the quality of materials and services. ISO has a strict set requirements that must be adhered to in order to remain certified.

If you are in the medical device field, an ISO 13485 certification is very important. This certification assures you of consistency throughout the company. This includes development, design, production, and delivery.

Clean Room Production

Do you have customers in the microprocessor or pharmaceutical industries? Many of these products require areas with no contamination. MDI meets Class-7 cleanroom environments.

Increased Efficiency

When you turn over your plastic production to us, you can increase your company’s efficiency a great deal. You will not need to invest in specialized equipment, train employees on the production process, or add to your workforce. With MDI, you get to enjoy some of the finest plastic services in the industry without adding to your capital investments, or payroll.

Learn More about Our Services

If you would like to know more about the many benefits our plastic molding services, have to offer, visit the “our services” section of our website or call us toll-free today at 1-800-852-1472.