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At MDI, we have offered medical plastic injection molding services to companies both large and small all across the United States since 1963. In our role as a medical device molding service, we offer a full range of support and production services from engineering and design through to full production.

We are ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified, and we are also able to offer clean room molding services in our Class-7 clean room environment. In addition, we use only state-of-the-art equipment and technology in all of our facilities, allowing us to produce the best quality medical devices at the lowest possible costs to our customers.

There are many ways our medical plastic injection molding services save our customers’ money. Here are the top issues that are important to medical device OEMs of all sizes.

  • Complicated shapes- unlike some companies, we can provide the molds to create the exact shapes you require for your device, or component. The greater detail we provide through the molding process means there are fewer secondary processes required, lowering production costs.
  • Matching materials to requirements- with our years of experience in medical plastic injection molding, we can work with your design and engineering team to determine the right thermoplastic for the job. Often, we can recommend materials that increase life cycle and durability, or lower costs, while still staying within all regulations and guidelines.
  • Precision molding- from the design of the mold to the automation of our systems, we provide industry-leading precision molding services. This reduces waste, increase production efficiency and helps to reduce the cost to our customers.
  • On-time Delivery- with the ability to work to your order capacity requirements, we can provide guaranteed delivery of parts and devices to meet your scheduling requirements. Our ability to work with your supply chain means seamless product delivery for a one-time order or with continuous orders.

To discuss your needs for medical device injection molding services, contact our experts at 800-852-1472.