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One of the reasons our customers continue to use the services of MDI for all of their custom molding requirements is our high level of customer support. We work directly with our customers, both large and small, to ensure the final products we produce exceed their expectations and requirements.

We offer expertise and experience with a variety of plastics, resins, and similar materials. Our expertise translates into an understanding of all aspects of the job, from design, to prototyping, and then into full production. This includes our neoprene molding services which are completed at several of our facilities across the United States.

To help ensure the best final product possible with our neoprene molding services, we use the latest in equipment, technology, and best production methods. We are ISO 9001 as well as ISO 13485 certified, which demonstrates our commitment to quality products and processes.

Understanding the Properties of Neoprene

A critical aspect of any neoprene molding operation is to have the experience in working with the material in the molding process. As a fully synthetic elastomer, neoprene has different properties than natural rubber, or hybrid materials.

It is essential when designing the mold to understand how neoprene flows into the mold, how long it requires to solidify, and where within the design of the mold there may be areas that are problematic. By addressing any problem issues with regards to the performance of neoprene in the molding process, costs can be reduced as well as the time to the development of the mold.

Considering the Mold Design

By carefully considering the part or component and the overall design, we can make the mold to hide the small line that is left where the two sides of the mold connect. With our mold design experts, this important step can help to eliminate the need for any further processing, while also providing a more aesthetically beneficial part directly from the mold.

For more information on our molding services for any type of material or plastic, talk to us today at 800-852-1472.