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Creating durable, strong, and reliable joints in plastics has always been a challenge. Traditional types of melting and pressure systems create a weak area in and around the joint, resulting in decreased durability and greater risk of joint failure. Glues, or other types of adhesive methods, are often prone to problems with bonding to plastics, and can lack strength in the joint area.

To overcome these obstacles, MDI offers ultrasonic welding services. Offering all the benefits of true molecular bonding of the two plastics, even different types of plastics, this is a process that creates a joint that is as strong, or stronger, than the two pieces being connected.

Ideal for Thermoplastics

With the use of our ultrasonic welding services, we can create customized processes to meet the requirements of the two base plastics. This is true for two similar plastics or two different plastics, the versatility of the process and precision control through state-of-the-art equipment eliminates any concerns in joining dissimilar materials.

No Heat Required

Rather than a direct heat source, our ultrasonic welding services use ultrasonic waves that are directed to very specific locations on the plastics to be joined. This creates an internal movement of the molecules that cause the plastic in that specific location to melt and bond instantly with the melted materiala from the other piece. Additionally, the use of pressure enhances the fusion of the two materials and ensures a precision seam at the location of the join.

Fast, effective, and waste-free, our ultrasonic welding processes can be used for simple to complex parts and components made from a range of thermoplastics. This is an important consideration when joint strength and durability are required.

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