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At MDI, we work with a lot of different companies across a wide-range of industries. Different companies and industries have different requirements for the parts and components they bring to us for design and production services.

Many companies want to start by looking at the cost per unit of custom plastic molding services. They may also want to have a contract manufacturing cost estimate. While the cost is ultimately a factor, we also believe that there are three other factors that are equally important to our customers.

Ability to Work to Specifications

It is surprising how many custom plastic molding services offer a standard approach to quality control and working to customer specifications and tolerances. At MDI, we take a different approach and first learn what the customer needs as a final product, then work towards creating a plastic molding process to achieve the desired final product.

This allows us to produce the parts through our molding processes that are tailored to the needs of the customer. This can save our customers money, increase the speed of production, and produce a superior part.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

As an experienced contract manufacturer, MDI works to meet all deadlines for production required by our customers. We work very carefully to ensure we are always able to provide accurate information to our customer on production capacity and numbers to meet deadlines.

In-House Throughout the Process

At MDI, we do everything in-house. This allows us to offer full quality control and production to our exacting standards. We also offer in-house design and engineering as well as an assembly service, which allows us to provide a greater range of service for our customers, lowering their costs and limiting logistics challenges in working with multiple companies.

To talk about your next order or to discuss our custom plastic molding services, talk to one of our team members at 1-800-852-1472.