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When most people think of welding they imagine sparks flying over metal parts on a skyscraper in New Your, or on a car assembly line in Detroit. The reality is that welding is just as applicable to plastics as it is to steel! In fact, creating reliable welds in plastics can be a challenge, and takes a lot of expertise and advanced equipment. In order to avoid problems, MDI offers provides reliable ultrasonic welding service to customers all over the United States.

What Is Ultrasonic Welding?

Ultrasonic welding is a specific means of joining materials to produce solid joints. It is applicable for producing metal joints but is also highly useful for welding plastic. The method, using state-of-the-art equipment produces high-frequency vibratory energy and relies on moderate pressure to establish the required joint.

MDI professionals use this method to provide joining of our plastic components. It produces solid, localized welds. As a result, we do not require bolts, nails, adhesives or any type of soldering to unify the parts. Precise calculations produce the exact frequency necessary to produce optimal results.


Ultrasonic welding is excellent for welding metals and plastics. At MDI, we understand the process is advantageous for several reasons. Among them are the following:

  • Ultrasonic welding is capable of joining dissimilar materials in a strong bond
  • The process does not affect or alter either the strength or structure of the plastics involved in the joints
  • Joints created in this process do not require finishing
  • The welds are precise
  • The process is swift and accurate
  • The actions of the equipment ensure excellent repeatability
  • The procedure ensures product and production reliability
  • It reduces waste
  • It is an environmentally-friendly alternative

Overall, by offering ultrasonic welding services to our customers, MDI can improve production quality, speed, and affordability. This is beneficial to our company and our customers.

Ultrasonic Welding Service

At MDI, we offer our customers a variety of services to help improve their product experience. Among those capable of improving the quality of the weld is an automated and specialized welding device. By using our ultrasonic welding service, we can produce high-quality, affordable and repeatable welds swiftly and efficiently to meet your company’s needs. Contact us today.