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On the surface, all plastic injection molding companies provide the same service. They take raw and/or recycled plastic and shape and form it into a functional component. They employ their skills, staff, and technology into producing a product for the aerospace, medical, automotive and other industries. However, not all companies are the same. They may focus on a niche market, for example. They might have older technology, or less qualified staff. It is important that you recognize what the best companies in plastic injection molding offer in order to help you determine where to spend your money and time.


Companies who want high-quality components need to look at providers who can meet the exact specification and possess characteristics that are needed for a given product. The best plastic injection molding companies should offer the following:

  • In-House Services: In-house technicians and engineers are essential. They can provide you with the necessary input and design guidance you need to facilitate all aspects of the production process. With the right people on site, any errors or sudden changes will not result in major production delays.
  • Flexibility: The company should be able to adjust as on the fly. It must be able to make changes to production hours, staffing, and materials based on demand.
  • Customization: They should provide a wide-range of customization options.

At MDI, the quality of our molding services is only matched by the treatment of our customers.

MDI: The Best in Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Not all plastic molding companies offer the same quality and services. At MDI, we provide our customers with superior molding services that can be applied to both the standard and customized products. We comfortably and efficiently match your demand for quality, speed, reliability, and affordability. Contact us today: 800-852-1472.