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With the increasing demand for plastic parts across all industries, from medical devices, in the computer industry, there are more and more companies offering injection molding services than ever.

At Molded Devices, we understand that being competitive is critical, and , the OEMs who trust us to complete their injection molding services understand that we offer services not possible with the competition. We also know that there are several key factors that set us apart from other businesses in the US as well as those around the world.

Expertise and Experience

Molded Devices first opened its doors in 1963, in California. We have continued to grow and expand, adding companies to our existing business that could provide specialized services to our customers.
We are one of the few injection molding companies that have our own dedicated engineering and design facility, which allows us to provide expertise and experience when challenges, problems or obstacles crop up.

Certifications to Note

With our scope of injection molding services, including to the military and defense industry as well as the medical device and equipment manufacturing industry, we have pursued several business certifications. We are ISO 9001 as well as ISO 13485 certified, with the latter specifically designed for medical device manufacturers.

We are also ITAR registered, which allows us to work in the military and defense fields. With quality control that meets or exceeds all industry standards, the plastic injection molding we produce is the best on the market.


We offer specialized production and engineering facilities across the USA. This includes facilities in California, Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania as well as Wisconsin and Ohio. We also have the capacity to quickly scale up to large-scale orders, meeting the needs of all of our customers for any injection molding services required.

To discuss your next project, or to find out more about our services, give us a call today at 1-800-852-1472.