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At Molded Device Inc., we offer a full range of services for our customers in all aspects of product design, development, and production. One of the most practical and durable options for creating parts for all types of applications is our neoprene molding service.

Our experts can assess the specific requirements for the parts we will produce. They know best materials to use, as well how to meet all environmental and use requirements, while also producing the look and style our customers require.

The Advantages of Neoprene

Without becoming too technical, neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is used in a wide variety of everyday items, as well as specialized parts and components.

Chemically, neoprene is a polymerized form of chloroprene, which itself is an organic compound. Originally developed by DuPont, chloroprene or the synthetic rubber neoprene, is very stable chemically, and also is a product that is both flexible as well as highly durable.

You will find neoprene used in medical devices, in automotive components, gaskets and seals, as well as in cases and sleeves for computers and electronic equipment. It is highly resistant to degradation with use, and it is an ideal choice for applications where corrosion is a concern. It is also resistant to fire, and can stand cold temperatures without becoming brittle.

The Molding Process

For all your neoprene molding requirements, our team at Molded Device Inc. will work closely with your designers and engineers to create the ideal mold to any specifications and tolerances required.

As an injection molding process, this is a cost-effective solution to creating small to large volume orders with virtually zero waste and precision parts with every cycle. Additionally, with the quality of molds we provide, the cost per unit for neoprene molding actually decreases as the volume increases, an important consideration for our high-volume order customers.

To find out more about our injection molding with neoprene, give us a call today at 800-852-1472 or contact us through social media or the website contact tab.