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One of the services we offer at MDI, as part of our design support and engineering services, is assisting our customers in considering the options available to them to make specific parts and components.

As in working with metals, there are many different ways to form plastic components. However, not all methods are equally effective for all types parts, or even with all types of plastics and polymers. Understanding the pros and cons of each process and each material is necessary before starting prototype development and production.

One of the more complicated shapes to create using extrusion or injection molding process is a hollow shape. For these types of shapes, we typically recommend custom blow molding.


While custom blow molding sounds like one process, there are actually different methods that can be used to produce the particular shape desired. With most types of applications, the injection blow molding method is the most effective option. It allows us to produce hollow shapes with extremely high tolerances, which is necessary with medical devices and other specialized types of components used in a variety of industries.

Unlike many molding companies, MDI is able to produce custom blow molding parts and components outside of the standard sizes. This opens up a world of opportunities for our customers, avoiding the limitations that are in place with other manufacturing services.

When considering blow molding, remember that this is considered a cost-effective method of producing precision plastic parts. Simple shapes, such as tanks, drums, bottles, as well as more complex shapes, can be formed quickly and accurately without any waste and with perfect precision through our state-of-the-art equipment.

To discuss our blow molding capabilities or for assistance with the design and manufacturing of a custom part or component, give us a call today at 1-800-852-1472.