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In mold decoration (IMD) is a very effective way to add decorative or branding touches to any type of plastic device, or component. As with any type of process, it is not necessarily the answer to every part-decorating requirement, but the advantages for most applications are superior to the alternatives.

At Molded Device Inc. we specialize in producing quality in mold decoration options for our customers. Knowing the specifics of the end use and the requirements for the project will allow our team to determine if in mold decoration is the best option for your needs.

Flexible and Creative

With the ability to add colors, textures, and shapes through the injection molding process, there is really no limit as to the flexibility and creativity of the designs selected. It is also possible to use the same mold to provide different color combinations, reducing the need to have multiple molds or processes.

Permanent Designs

For consumer products, in mold decoration offers the ability to create colors and designs that will last the life of the product. This is very different than a secondary application of art through the use of adhesives once the molded part is produced.

Reduced Cost of Production

Another benefit of in mold decoration is the reduced cost that it can provide. Each component is only handled once, without the need for secondary processing. Additionally, there is no need for additional adhesives, which streamlines production, and reduces costs. Not only do these factors cut down on the cost of production, they also reduce the time it takes to produce a completed unit.

In most applications, in mold decoration is the best option. Our team can help in creating the design, choosing the colors to achieve the exact look you want. We can do this all while saving costs, and production time. Contact us today!