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Plastic is one of the most versatile, popular materials in the world. It is important to many industries, from household good, to medical devices. While there are many methods by which to produce plastic components, creating custom plastic extrusions is one of the best ways to create a consistent component, in large quantities, and at a low cost. Creating high-quality custom plastic extrusions can be a challenge. However, when you follow the guidelines that we use at Molded Devices Inc., you can rest assured that the extrusion produced will meet your expectations. Read on to learn more about our methods.

Keep it Simple

The biggest mistake we see made when trying create custom plastic extrusions is making the design too complicated. Cutting back on the details of your extrusions can make them more effective, and versatile. Additionally, a simple custom plastic extrusions will be more cost-effective. Before choosing a company to manufacture these extrusions, you need to take the time to do a bit of research. Getting some price quotes from each of the extrusion producers in an area is the best way to narrow the field of available options.

Focus on Linking Parts

If the product design you have requires parts to fit inside of one another, then you need to take that into account early in the design process. This will help you avoid serious complications. It is important to ask for examples of past work from a manufacturer before you decide to contract them to produce your custom plastic extrusions, especially for projects that have interlocking parts

Our professionals at Molded Devices Inc. will have no problem producing the custom plastic extrusions that business needs. We have a large catalog of past work that we can showcase, so you can see our quality before we produce your extrusions. Contact us today to learn more: 800-852-1472.