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The manufacturing of medical-device components for the or is very different from most other types of manufacturing. At MDI, we have extensive experience in working with medical-device companies to complete their medical injection molding processes.

Any company that has an idea for a medical device or piece of equipment, needs to work with a partner that has extensive experience in medical injection molding. This allows them to use the expertise of the company’s engineers, design processes, and clean rooms for molding and assembly. It is crucial to ensure the final product meets the rigorous standards and validation processes required before, during, and after approval for marketing. MDI has the experience necessary to get any medical device blueprint ready for the market.

Quality Control and Assurance
At MDI, we have the quality controls in place to meet all requirements for both injection molding, and the assembly of medical devices. As this is an extremely strict standard, it is critical to choose a company that has the experience combined with the ability to complete your order.

Suggestions for Materials
With our understanding of the requirements for medical injection molding, our engineers can often help to reduce the cost of production. This could be through suggesting a different polymer option –such as an alternative thermoplastic– that may offer a higher quality, and meet more rigorous standards without adding to the cost.

In addition, simple changes in the design of the component can be spotted by our experienced team. Changing the thickness of a wall, or making a small alteration in the design at the concept stage, can help to dramatically reduce the cost of production of each part while enhancing the overall design.

Additionally, at MDI, we can provide full traceability for all of our materials. This, coupled with the option for our cleanroom assembly, means we can offer a full range of services for all of our medical device manufacturing companies.