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Anyone who has ever had to move knows how easy it is to ding, dent, or otherwise damage item that comes in the form of a sheet or a pane. Tabletops, mirrors, paintings, and other large, flat, ungainly items can be difficult to move safely from one place to another. Magnify that to an industrial scale, where those ungainly items are being moved and shipped by the hundreds or thousands every day, and damage is almost a certainty. Even with mechanical efficiency, breakages and damage will still occur. Sooner or later a pane or panel is going to slip and fall, shift during transport, or bang against the edge of a doorway. In particularly bad scenarios, one pane falling can be all it takes to start a landslide as others get caught up in the momentum.

There are always going to be losses that come with transportation. However, those losses can be cut if a company is willing to take a simple, preventative step.

Corner Protection and Edge Protection Made Cheap and Simple

Say you have a truckload of windows that need to be shipped. Or glass countertops. Perhaps you’ve got a load of solar panels that need to get from the factory to the destination with no cracks, dents, or miscellaneous dings. Obviously, you want to ensure that these items are loaded with care, packed properly, and overseen by a supervisor. However, it’s also a good idea to make sure that each item is fitted with edge or corner protectors, in order to keep it safe.

Think of a smartphone protector. Really, it’s nothing more than a shock-absorbing band of cushioned plastic that goes around the outside. When you drop your phone, the protective strip hits the ground first, absorbing the impact and preventing damage. Corner protection and edge protection for panels and panes works the same way. You simply fit protectors onto the corners, or all around the edge, and in return, you get a little extra peace of mind that your products are safeguarded from casual accidents.

Custom Size For Custom Protection

What makes the corner and edge protectors that Molded Devices offers so different from other safety options on the market is that we produce them based on the needs of our clients. All a client has to do is give us the dimensions they need, and we will produce a corner or edge protector to fit it. That way our clients aren’t forced to make do with protection that has to be stretched to fit or that is so loose it might fall off. A snug fit ensures maximum protection, and it’s one more worry off a business’s mind when it comes time to ship out the next order.

What is that kind of protection worth? Well, at a rough estimate, manufacturers could save hundreds of thousands of dollars when it comes to the costs of replacing broken items, the transit time and costs involved in additional shipping, and the additional costs that come with repairing damaged inventory.
Considering that our guards are made to order and can be used and re-used as long as your product’s dimensions remain the same, that’s a lot of money a company could move from the incidental cost column over to the profits column.

While they will wear out in time and new guards will have to be applied, a small investment in corner or edge protection can have a big payoff when it comes to cutting losses from products damaged in unfortunate accidents. Unfortunate accidents that, in many circumstances, could have been prevented if there was a small, plastic buffer between the product and the uncaring forces of natural laws.

Why Lose One More Piece in Transit?

Every pane you ship is a potential risk. So why take that hit to your bottomline if you don’t have to? A simple edge or corner guard can save you several times the initial cost, and keep your customers happy when they don’t have to wait for a replacement to be shipped.

Don’t cut corners; protect them, instead!