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When most people think of reshoring, they think of large companies bringing their manufacturing jobs back to the United States. While re-shoring is an increasingly popular trend in manufacturing right now, not all of that work will land back in the U.S. As these O.E.M.’s work to balance their global supply chain they must consider who is best positioned to service their needs while meeting their cost models and exceeding the expectations regarding quality and delivery.

Any U.S. manufacturing company that is expecting to compete for this business, needs to take a close look at their facilities, equipment and personnel.

Lowering gross margins is not the answer.

If we are to compete and remain profitable, we must look at not only automation, but also innovation.

MDI is actively investing in their facilities, equipment and personnel. We are committed to continuous improvement as evidenced by our purchasing of brand new state of the art equipment, complete facility make-overs and industry leading training provided to every employee, which includes testing and certification of this training. We mandate this for our employees and offer it to our customers.

We realize that, if we are to prosper in the new era of manufacturing, we must rebuild the infrastructure that is required to support this mission. That is why we host internship programs with local colleges and actively participate in professional societies such as SME, ASQ and SPE. The challenge is not only attracting top talent today, but also enticing the young students to enter the field of manufacturing as a career choice.