Government & ITAR

MDI has a long history with defense contracts and is an ITAR registered custom manufacturer.  We take very seriously the fact that our ITAR and Defense projects impact law enforcement, military, and security personnel out in the field; where highly engineered functionality can mean the difference between life and death.

Our Services

Injection Molding

 ITAR Registered. Engineering Grade Resins. 25 to 440 Ton Press Sizes

Dip Molding

Low Cost Tooling. Custom Molding and Coating

Blow Molding & Extrusion

Micro blow molding and tube extrusions for low and high volume applications.  Shuttle extrusion blow molding for high volume price sensitive programs

Product Development & Engineering

New Product Development from conceptual stage through prototyping and final production. World class design and mechanical engineering to optimize both tool and part design

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Your Partner In Breakthrough Technology

Our First Responders & Military depend on equipment that is durable, effective, well-designed, and convenient to carry in real world environments. Technology continues to drive advancement in products and devices to support our men and women in the field. 

MDI ensures our customers are up to date on the latest breakthroughs in material and processes to support these new product development efforts, while providing advanced engineering and design for a smooth transition between the initial concept stage, through prototyping, and into full scale production.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Comprehensive Design Reviews For Optimized Parts

We are proficient in reviewing current designs of metal components and re-engineering them into moldable components while maintaining effectiveness, chemical, temperature, & impact resistance, and overall strength.  In countless projects, we have converted products consisting of several metal components into a single moldable part, eliminating connection weak-points while reducing overall process time and shipping weight for considerable savings to our customers —  More money for our customers, and less cumbersome products for the end-users.

Defence Gun Parts Usage

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Our Clients

“MDI’s upfront engineering support saved us months of product development.”

“Using MDI’s engineering support, took one of our stalled programs from concept to production saving us time and money.”

“MDI has allowed us to have a single point contact for our Injection molding, Blow molding and assembly needs.”