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Medical Injection Molding

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What is medical device injection molding?

Medical device injection molding typically refers to clean and controlled processing of plastic components. At MDI we offer a variety of molding environments. We have the ability to mold parts according to the ISO 14644:2015 standards meaning ultra clean and hygiene monitored environments. We specialize in Class 2 and 3 device components including blood pathway, short term and long term implants, and RNA free diagnostic molding and lyophilization services.

We currently offer 4 locations throughout the United States and Mexico that provide injection molding, blow molding,balloon manufacturing, extrusion (most materials), bonding, printing, and packaging services. All of our locations are 13485:2016 certified with FDA site registrations. We also include cGMP certifications, on site six sigma trained technical personnel, and RJG master molders.

MDI has medical injection molding capabilities that include micromolding (under 1 gram), insert molding (vertical and horizontal), two shot overmolding, single and multi-cavity molding, and zero escape quality utilizing Decoupled 3 molding techniques along with EDart surveillance of every shot.

Throughout our history at MDI, we have seen thousands of applications utilizing just about every imaginable material and manufacturing approach.

Please call us about your program and we will be happy to explore a potential partnership with you.