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What are your industrial product design services?

Our team of designers is exceptional at sketching and creating concepts and designs in a spontaneous and highly meticulous manner with attention to detail. We often use the old-fashioned method of using pencil and paper to brainstorm concepts and develop ideas. We can produce sketches in visual form, comprising various concepts, construction techniques, styles, and colors to produce a complete industrial product design.

Although we prefer and utilize old-school design methods, we also fully take advantage of modern design technology, including the use of PC tablets and software to create designs, which perfectly complement the traditional design processes we use.

After we create a preliminary design concept for our customers, we then move to the rendering and modeling phase. The product model we create is an effective simulation of real colors and textures situated in a lifelike photographic environment for focus group presentation as part of the marketing evaluation phase. Some of the industrial product design tools we use include ProENGINEER, Creo software, and SolidWorks.

In addition to the design methods and processes mentioned above, our talented designers can create prototypes through the use of CNC and hand machining, 3-D printing, metal welding and forming, and other methods of finishing.

The goal of our designers and engineers is to optimize the functionality, features, and appearance of your product.