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How do you mold neoprene?

Neoprene molding constitutes an efficient, cost-effective, and highly accessible method for the development of many useful components. The process of neoprene molding utilizes injection molding, in which the liquid neoprene is introduced into a mold under pressure. This results in a quick and even distribution of the neoprene within the mold.

For a number of reasons, this process of molding is more preferable than many other types of manufacturing methods. The main advantage is that this process only utilizes the required amount of neoprene in its liquid state which serves to reduce waste and keep costs to a minimum.

What is latex and what is neoprene?

The material referred to as latex is a product made from the sap of rubber trees. When this sap is extracted, it is subjected to a formulation process that ultimately produces latex. The material latex possesses a consistency similar to synthetic foam.

Neoprene is the first successful synthetic rubber ever developed. It is used to manufacture many types of items used in various common applications. These items include wetsuits, tires, and the soft coatings you find on many exercise weights. It has the technical name of polychloroprene.