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Part Marking and Decorating

  • Pad printing

  • Hot stamping

  • In Mold Decorating (IML)

When it comes to printing, MDI customers readily acknowledge our unmatched print quality. With over 50 years in the Medical Device Industry, MDI uses Class VI Medical Grade and Biocompatible inks. As minimally invasive devices continue to proliferate the marketplace, the need for printing services will continue to grow.


Whether your catheter base printing needs are for indicator marks, numerical characters, company logo’s or other markings, we work with a wide range of substrates and inks to find a solution for your need. MDI can also offer multi- color, long length and 360 degree wraps as well. We also offer Hot Stamping services and Polyolefin Marker Bands, in various sizes.

Whatever your printing needs, MDI will work with you for sampling and small to large production runs. Call us at today 1-800-852-1472 or use our contact page and we will respond within one business day to begin helping you with your molding needs.