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Dip Coating

Dip Coating

Similar in many ways to dip molding methods, dip coating is a highly utilized plastic coating method for items with complex designed not easily covered through traditional spray and powder coating methods. In simplistic terms, the dip coating process entails the submersion of a product into a polymer or coating solution, in order to form a smooth protective layer on the outside diameter.

There are several factors that play into how the coating or film is developed on the product, including different characteristics of the chosen polymer, the entry and exit speed of the product when dipped in and out of the polymer, and the dwell time, or time duration necessary to effectively coat the product. Additionally, some dip coating solutions may be photosensitive, and require the item be exposed to UV energy throughout the entire immersion of the product.

Once the product has been effectively dipped, with even coverage throughout, many of the polymers used today require a drying period. Allowing your product or component this time to dry will help harden or crosslink the polymer, ensuring the coating is robust and firmly bonded to the surface. Once finished drying, the dip coated product will achieve the strength and protective properties intended.

Our team works intimately with our leading coating solution and polymer suppliers in order to find the perfect medium for each individual project. Customer relationships are vital for our entire process, as we need to understand all the different aspects of your unique product and what materials/processes we can use to ensure the dip molding provides all the necessary features and the best protection possible.